The Grand Illusion

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The Grand Illusion Juggling balls are your ammo! You throw them at enemies to harm them and once you throw one you must walk over and pick it up to throw it again. This makes it so that you must sometimes walk near en...

Capt Doe

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Capt Doe Side scrolling space shooter where you try and survive 100 waves of enemies and bosses in order to kill the Planet Devourer. At your disposal you have 5 different weapon systems with unique characteristics an...

army platformer

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army platformer a platformer,army and shooting game that is it. It's very fun arrow keys to move and click to shoot that is it very simplemobile


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GucciGangRacers gucci gang racers the most best racing game ever the game is very easy so yeahthis a joke btw if you didnt notice its very ez yez very ez just be fast it is time trial against no one hah geymobile

call of gucci: gang offensive

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call of gucci: gang offensive kill the feik gusci to wein gucci geng just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head j...

Square Danger

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Square Danger This game is an action game. The goal is to avoid the red square and go at the end of the map. This game has been built on the app Construct 2.Ce jeu est un jeu d'action, le but du jeu est d’év...

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Duelers Play Duelers, save the princess from evil who want conquer the world. Prepare your sword and defeat all the enemies.

Cut the Rope 2

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Cut the Rope 2 SWEET! Om Nom's shenanigans continue in Cut the Rope 2 HTML5! With new characters, fresh gameplay elements and tricky missions, candy collecting has never been so fun!Cut the Rope 2 HTML5 brings fresh c...

Colour Game

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Colour Game This game involves clicking on the correct colour when this happens the clapping audio goes of. If the child gets the wrong colour they are encouraged to try again Click on the correct images. There is aud...

Arcade Golf: NEON

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Arcade Golf: NEON Become king of the swing in this minimalist golf game in retro design! Select your game mode and complete the course with the fewest number of strokes. Aim for the hole and drag and release to hit th...

Snack Time

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Snack Time Little Waldy the wild boar needs to make preprations for coming winter. Move the acorns to the designated areas and pass 12 levels in this stunning sokoban game. It's Snack TIme!

Mini Pool 2

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Mini Pool 2 The aim of this mini pool game is to pot all of the balls as fast as you can, the pink ball is the first ball that has it's timer run out, so try to pot that first, after that you must pot all of the red b...


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ACTION TURNIP!!! Arcade action. I’ve made a game that’s an actual game! Thanks to Pelle och Ponta and Zach Striefel for the great tunes! Arrows/ASDW to move, mouse/numpad/IJKL to shoot

Sweety Mahjong

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Sweety Mahjong Sweety Mahjong is an HTML5 mahjong game. Enjoy this coloroued mahjong game with sweety symbols!

Fish Resort

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Fish Resort Did you ever think about buying a fish tank? Fish Resort turns the fish tank into a fantastic, free online game! You take care of the most different and colorful fishes, you have to feed them and treat the...

Glow Solitaire

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Glow Solitaire Klondike solitaire type of game. Move all cards to the top 4 stacks from Ace to King. On the tableau you can place cards in descending order and alternate color. Click on the top left stack to get a new...