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Escape Game

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Escape Game Get to your event in TSA skrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr mouse control- clicking and double-clicking objects to interactmobile

Blob Boi

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Blob Boi Play our game NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Learn Your Self and stop relying on others. NOOOOOB!!!!!!!!!!!mobile


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Cats. this game is inspired by my favorite book varjak paw.Theres parkour and lots and lots and lots of cats you only have to use arrow keys left right up downmobile

This Is A Game…

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This Is A Game... Pretty self explanirory but ur inside a computer!... arrow keys to move and mouse to use

Shape Defense

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Shape Defense Gain points by destroying enemy shape, upgrade towers and don't let the shapes reach the end point press start to start the waveclick on red blocks for upgraded towers and black for non upgradedclic...

Tower Defense

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Tower Defense Mr.Yellow has located Blue's home, and Blue is out fighting The Reds! You must defend against Mr.Yellows attacks until Blue gets back home! Otherwise, Blue's family shall be taken hostage! Inst...


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SAYANz ola amigos esse e meu jogo dedicado ao meus subs demorei 1 mes pra aprender a programar rlx na proxima att vai ter mais pc w pula a esquerda d direita tmj celular e so nos butaomobile

A Captura Lendária Pokemon

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A Captura Lendária Pokemon Capture vários pokemons neste jogo incrivel. Você jogará com Ashe e tentará capturar pokemon lendários. Setas - MovimentamEspaço - Lança PokebolaEnter - Es...

Derpy Adventures (COMPLETE)

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Derpy Adventures (COMPLETE) The final version of Derpy Adventures. There are exactly 4 levels, not including the end screen.Hope you enjoy. Use the arrow keys. Up to jump, left goes left, and right goes

Gods” Fall – Ascension of High Kings

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Gods" Fall - Ascension of High Kings Choose your race and lead your army through epic battles against various mitological creatures to reach the hegemony in Beydhia's world! Humans, Vampires and Werewolves will f...

Rpg testing!

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Rpg testing! Even though this is a test for the start of my game and not much is added id really like to make this game have the idea of others in it. plz feel free to give ideas of how the story could progress:) Any ...

Retro Galaxy Wars 2

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Retro Galaxy Wars 2 Retro Galaxy Wars 2 is a game that i made after a first one, and i uploaded it to Google Play Store. You can play the demo of 12 levels, but i'll be grateful if you could check the Android ve...

alien platform game

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alien platform game complete the obby to get a surprise at the end left arrow: walk left right arrow: walk right up arrow: jump/ double jumpmobile


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aliannnnnnnnnnnnnnn! _________________________________________ _________________________________________mobile

The Restart Game Redone

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The Restart Game Redone Avoid the spikes, touch the green square to win. If you die you restart. Good luck! Left arrow= leftRight arrow= rightUp arrow= jumpmobile

The Restart Game

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The Restart Game Progress through level by moving and touching the green square. Avoid the red spikes. If you touch the red spikes, you will start at the very beginning. You are guaranteed to restart. up arrow key= ju...

Pick Cart 3.3

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Pick Cart 3.3 Move the blue cart beside a green item and pick it. Aim to pick all of the items on the screen and then return using the fewest moves. [W,A,S,D] , [Arrow keys] - Movement[Spacebar] - Pick Item[R] - Reset...

Just a Maze

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Just a Maze It's just a maze....seriously. It's just a maze Move the character by using the ARROW KEYS, and collect coins and buttons to get to the endmobile

Treasure Island

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Treasure Island Grab the treasure while avoiding the shark move around using the ARROW KEYSmobile

Pick Cart 2.2

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Pick Cart 2.2 Move the blue pick cart and pick all green items on the screen using the fewest moves possible and then return. This games requires good planning. [w,a,s,d] or [arrow keys] - movement[spacebar] - collect...

et”s live

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et"s live et et et et et et et et et et et et et et et et up arrow: jumpleft/right arrows: movemobile

Pick Cart 1

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Pick Cart 1 Move the blue cart using the arrow or WASD keys, press space when you are next to a green item to pick it. Collect all the items on the screen and return in the minimum moves possible. [arrow keys, WASD] -...

Horse Grande

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Horse Grande A turn-based battle thing I made. Might become a full RPG someday (probably not). Arrow keys to move, mouse to select options during battle.Pro tip: Some enemies are particularly weak to magic, while othe...


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Warmix Увлекательная стратегия с элементами кровожадного боя и войны. У вас одна цель - убить врага всеми возможными способами. Много оружий и шапок, которые пригодятся в бою. Множество увлекательнейших боссов со свои...


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DLC 1 A DLC Pack For My Game Computer Mania. I Just Had Nowhere Else To Upload it too 30303030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030mobile

Double Impact

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Double Impact The objective of D.I. is to position the green square where red squares collide. A single impact will cause the game to be over, only a double impact will increase your score. Try to beat your high score...

ITN Project – Chris Strybos

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ITN Project - Chris Strybos Left click to select.Right click to deselect. Sorry for being late. Left click to select.Right click to

SoulLocke Helper

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SoulLocke Helper An assistant tool for the SoulLocke challenge. Makes keeping track of souls, multiplier, and Mana much easier. Literally all you need to do is move sliders and press buttons. Click and you'll get...

The lost souls

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The lost souls My game is based around a pumpkin trapped on an island full of lost souls stuck between going to heaven and hell kind of like a cross roads and your goal is to free the souls. [w] Go up[a] Go left[s] Go...

horror game (bendy, jigsaw)

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horror game (bendy, jigsaw) not for small kids this game is a weird and kind of scary game.have fun!!?p.s. this is scary, do not play at night, I AM WARNING YOU (have fun) they will get you...... use arrows to move an...

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