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Basketball Stop

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Basketball Stop Stop the other teams basketball from getting to the other side of the court by clicking on them. Use mouse to click on the ballsmobile


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TABLE SOCCER v2 Game for fun :) control with arrow keys Game for fun :) control with arrow keysmobile

KISC boys team

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KISC boys team adsjfkajds kjaksdfjkajdskfaj dsfjiejiajdjfka jdsfaj dskfadsfa dzcxmvklsdfkajdsfkajdsfjadfjadjfkajdsfkjasdfjakdsfjiajdsfadfadvzcnxvmadskfadfjakldsjfiqwejfkadjad vdnvafkj adsfjaksdjf eifjaksdjf ajdfkajdkf...

Commonwealth Games Rugby 7s Australia VS New Zealand

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Commonwealth Games Rugby 7s Australia VS New Zealand First Team To 50 Points Wins! The Australian Kangaroo VS The New Zealand Kiwi In A Two Player, Action Packed Game! KangarooArrow KeysKiwiA LeftW JumpD Rightmobile

Pong [Single Player version with a twist]

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Pong [Single Player version with a twist] Just a remake of Pong I made as an exercice to learn how to use Construct 2.As keyboard controls are aweful, this is a single player version controled with the mouse only.Ball...

Kiwi Rugby Game

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Kiwi Rugby Game Play a game of rugby with kiwis vs kangaroos!! Use the arrows to move your playermobile


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PAUSE This is my first project with Construct 2 Try not to hit black car. Watch the heat of your car!!! Hold Space or Pause to cool down the

find the Ufea champions league trophy with Wexford youths

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find the Ufea champions league trophy with Wexford youths find the UFEA Champions league trophy hidden in the water forward arrow jumpleft and right arrows move aroundmobile


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Cymberguy You play with the ball.The ball mustn't get behind the player. The player should kick the ball to the other side and get it behind the opponent. If it gets there three times you win. The game is for al...

Altemate Football

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Altemate Football This is a game about football but you may need a buddy. Player 1 move with arrow keys, Player 2 moves with W,D,A. To get from from place to place in the game there will be

Ferrari Pace

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Ferrari Pace collect all the fireballs without losing all your lives right arrow goes fowardleft arrow goes backup arrow goes updown arrow goes downmobile

Pong Game (BR)

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Pong Game (BR) On a tedious afternoon I decided to redo this classic and I admit it was fun! : D (I'm Brazilian, sorry for the bad english, I used google translator hehe XD) CONTROLS GREEN: W=UP S=DOWNCONTROLS RE...

Browser Ping Pong

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Browser Ping Pong Score more points by bouncing the ball with your racket to the other side without letting your PC bounce back.How to play:W ==> Go UpS ==> Go DownHold SPACE ==> To Run W Move UpS Move DownH...

BasketBall 3D template

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BasketBall 3D template Template for a basket ball game with 3D aspect.No ads included, just 1 level.Code very easy to understand with explanations on each lines of the template.Capx sold on codecanyon.Enjoy ! Just thr...

Juve vs. Real

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Juve vs. Real Replay the 2017 Champions league final in this free kick shootout Left click/Tap once to set direction, second time to set height and one final time to set curve of your shot.If the game is tied after re...

American Football Kicks

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American Football Kicks Kick the ball towards the yellow goal posts and try to hit the green area in this fun American Football game!

3D Penalty

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3D Penalty Score as many points as you can in this thrilling 3D penalty shootout!

Penalty Superstar

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Penalty Superstar Are you ready to become a soccer superstar? Play as the goalkeeper and battle your way through 3 leagues to become the ultimate penalty champion!

Basket Champs

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Basket Champs Basket Champs is the brand new game from the developer of Foot Chinko. Select your basketball team and play in World Championship.

Big Ten Battle

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Big Ten Battle Basketball game to "try" and defeat the mighty Minnesota Gophers. You will be playing as a Wisconsin Badger player or fan. Remember, the Gophers always win!! #BetterDeadThanRed Use the arro...

Golf of Cards

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Golf of Cards Try out this online version of the classic card game. Can you get the lowest score possible while you play through nine exciting rounds?


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Volleyball Multiplayer volleyball. Play it on the same keyboard. W Blue player jumpA Blue player leftD Blue player rightUp arrow Red player jumpLeft arrow Red player leftRight arrow Red player right

Ride The Synthwave

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Ride The Synthwave Hurry to the mountains, you have to save your girl!Use A and D to move lanes, collect boosts to speed up, but avoid the spikesWe tried to think of something less obvious for the GGJ17 theme of "...


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Mini Golf: Hole in One Club

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Mini Golf: Hole in One Club Are your putt-putt skills on par? Should your name be on the ball of fame with your excellent aiming skills? Join the hole in one club and get down on the grassy plains of this fun mini-gol...

One More Pass

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One More Pass Pass the ball to your teammates and score amazing goals! Get the ball past your opponents and into the back of their net! Rise to the top of the soccer world!

Slot Car Dodge

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Slot Car Dodge Are you ready for a crazy race? Push your car to the limit and dodge through the field to claim your highscore.

Mini Pool

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Mini Pool This is a fun take on the ever popular 8 Ball Pool and Snooker Game. The aim of the game is to pot all the balls before the time written on the balls runs out. You have to start by potting the pink ball firs...


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Dodgeball You're on the Average Joe's Gym Dodgeball Team at the Vegas International Dodgeball Tournament. The object of the game is to battle through 5 rounds of single elimination dodgeball action to claim the champi...

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