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army platformer

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army platformer a platformer,army and shooting game that is it. It's very fun arrow keys to move and click to shoot that is it very simplemobile

Project Epic Pixel Adventure lvl 2

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Project Epic Pixel Adventure lvl 2 It's finally here lvl 2 enjoyPixel is one lvl closer on reaching his goalWil he ever reach it?Credits:Background music: https:/...

Space Invaders

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Space Invaders This is a simple game which you have to try to kill all the invaders are trying to get near the bottom. As long as they touch the bottom, you will lose! Right Arrow to move the canon to the rightLeft Ar...


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StarFireGo Mobile version of Starfire! enjoy! :D Press the Arrows to move your ship and the middle button to fire!mobile


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StarFire Destroy enemies to get enough points to take on the three kings of space! Space Bar To shootClick anywhere on the screen to move your spaceship thereArrow Keys Also work for movement!mobile


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Aterolie Defend the Ruby from the Evil Fire monsters and MiniBosses!Syla & Diron will protect the castle and collect emeralds to sustain through endless waves of monsters any feedback would be appreciated! :D all ...

just kill the red dudes

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just kill the red dudes kill the red dudes get to the flags w,a,s,d to move left mouse button to shootmobile


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Astroforce2 endless space shooter game ! try to get as much score as you cancan play up to 8 players. controller supported (i didn't test it i don't have controller :P) you can see and set your control in co...

Zombie arcade

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Zombie arcade a classic and arcade like zombie game just a fun project and not as good as most games but fun play three levels ( psssst theres absolutely no fourth one ) survive find keys and beat those levels [arrow...


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Thunderlord Traverse the land for the duration of the music, battling increasingly difficult groups of enemies! Move with the mouseClick and release to fireClick and hold to chargemobile

Space defense of the green grove 2

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Space defense of the green grove 2 Playing in spaceYou can download the game in Google Play [left mouse button] - player movement[left mouse button] - player movement[left mouse button] - player movementmobile


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hats Much thanks to Hellstick for his Musical Talent. Additional resources:

Coding Class Project

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Coding Class Project Tutorial Completion: Shoot monsters with a moving space ship. Arrow keys move forward, backward, and sideways.Mouse aims the ship and shoots the

RBrown Game

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RBrown Game Shoot the ghosts! It takes 5 hits to kill each ghost. Each dead ghost is worth 1 point. Don't let them hit you, or you lose! Restart to try to beat your high score! mouse cursor = aimleft click = shoo...


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SpaceWar In the distant cosmos the war of the races began. Martians vs. Jupiter. And now you have to choose whom you are for. for Mars or Jupiter. and destroy enemies . the game is done on 2 Player 1Move: W/A/S/D, Sho...


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nave aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas setas anda sdfSzghmobile

Zombie Killers

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Zombie Killers Zombies have invaded planet Earth. They have sucked up all of earth's essence, and it is up to you, to stop it [arrow keys] move[space] shootmobile

Just a Game mobile

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Just a Game mobile Moibile version of Just A Game. You are the only one who can save the World from the evil dragon. Kill all of the Zombies to get there nad save the world. Level design: Johannes, Textures: Artturi,...

Just a Game

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Just a Game Kill all the zombies and get to the final boss. You must save the world from this Dragon who lives in the old mine. Get there and save the World. You are the only one who can do this.Level design: Johannes...

Gun Game

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Gun Game Fun top down shooter fillerfillerfiller fillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillermobile

Demon Shooter

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Demon Shooter Defeat demons and survive as long as you can!You can choose shotgun and rifle!Upgrade your guns and survive even stronger waves of demons.WASD/Arrows - MovementScroll - Changing WeaponLeft Mouse Button -...

Fish Tanks 2.0

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Fish Tanks 2.0 Update version 2.0 of Fish Tanks.Difficulty select has been added. [W,A,S,D] - MovementMouse - AimLeft Click - ShootM - MenuR - Restart Levelmobile

Invaders Invasion

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Invaders Invasion Destroy or avoid the coming invaders, collect boost boxes and go for the highest score while trying to save the dying planet. [space] or [S] to shoot [Arrow Keys] or clicking and moving the mouse to ...


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Craving Defeat the evil vegetables and face off against the Big Bad Broccoli W JumpS CrouchA Move leftD Move rightSpace Shootmobile

Valiant Heroes V Gruesome Heroes

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Valiant Heroes V Gruesome Heroes You need to make sure that you aren't destroyed by the monsters Click to place towers down and then when they kill the enemies pick up their sweet sweet gold lootmobile


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Spaze click and hold mouse to move around hold mouse to move around, shooting is automaticmobile

Sonichero14708″s First Game (Boss Eliminations)

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Sonichero14708"s First Game (Boss Eliminations) My First Game. Please, Don't Bother Me :)I'm A Pixel Art, But I'm Solo Developer..Coding On "Scirra Construct" It's Was Too Easy To Code (K...

Tank Arena

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Tank Arena Join a tank crew as a commander and destroy all enemies in a hot spot. Use WASD to move and mouse to shoot if you’re on desktop computer or touch screen controls if you’re on mobile device. Source file (.CA...

Bat Hunters

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Bat Hunters The game name is Bat Hunter. The game is a platformer where there are 2 players you can pick from to explore the map and kill all 11 bats to win the game. There are also bats that will destroy the player u...

Shoot”em Up

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Shoot"em Up Jeu où il faut tirer sur des vagues d'ennemis qui arrivent de façon continue ! Flèches pour bougerN'importe quelle touche du clavier pour tirermobile

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