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Space Rescue

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Space Rescue Blast asteroids to find escape pods to save, but watch out for the aliens. UP ARROW-MoveLEFT & RIGHT ARROWS-TurnSPACEBAR-Firemobile

squishman and the mushroom masacres

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squishman and the mushroom masacres planet mushroom is in danger! help squishman and olive boi save the day and stop terminator dude and Mr alien from killing the mushroom folk mouse, aimleft click,shootr, reloadm...

spaceship destroyer

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spaceship destroyer you have to shoot spaceships falling from the sky it is an action packed game is fun fun fun and I would like feedback on the game if it good or bad left click to shoot spaceshipsmobile

BulletHell – MagicMakers

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BulletHell - MagicMakers Ce projet est un Bullet Hell créé par un enfant ayant participé à un stage Construct 2 chez MagicMakers :)Les touches fléchées pour se déplacerW pour tirerEn...

LETAL VIRUS – Now in Pseudo 3D

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LETAL VIRUS - Now in Pseudo 3D In a near future humanity is at his lowest point... many years after defeating the first invasion of lethal viruses, a new generations of alien viruses is multiplying. Kil...

BB – Orange Shooter (A)

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BB - Orange Shooter (A) Dodge wide bullet and hit orange.(Added 2nd skill, select:1,2 key) move: Arrow keys or WASDaim: mouseskill: left click or Space keyselect skill: 1,2 key(skill 1: green big bullet, like a cannon...


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EMC Shoot the Sword.Use the mouse to move, aim and shoot the target (Sword). Use the mouse to move in 8 directions, left click to shoot bullets, shoot sword to destroy

Defeat The Enemy ships

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Defeat The Enemy ships There are ships that are flying out of the air and you have to shoot them down. The blue ships can kill you if they fly on you and you lose health by ships flying out of the layout without you d...

Plane Popper

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Plane Popper Click the planes before they reach the other side. The longer the game goes on the harder it gets. Left Click on the planes as they go across the screenmobile

Sketched Asteroids

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Sketched Asteroids Hand Sketched Asteroids Game version 1.2The Classic 1979 Retro Arcade Game but with a Hand Drawn Twist. Use Arrow Keys to Rotate Left or Right, Up Arrow to move forward and Space Bar to Fire. If you...

GasterBlaster Shooter

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GasterBlaster Shooter Hope You Enjoy, now i am adding random texts to upload this game dsajidsaidojioasasdasdsadasdsacdc Shoot with MouseMove with Keysmobile

Cainã”s first game

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Cainã"s first game SuperGeeks Alto Da Lapa a primeira, maior e melhor escola de programação e robótica para "Kids" e "Teens" do Brasil! Arrow - > MovimentSpace -> ShootF5 ->...

Supa Ape Inna Moseley

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Supa Ape Inna Moseley Quench the thirsty of the Moselite hordes with the finest beers a four armed orang-utan can dispense. a bottlehand move lefts bottlehand move rightk glasshand move leftl glasshand move rightm...

Harry Potter

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Harry Potter Just Like my first game! I just re-textured it cuz why not. oh, and also right click is protego! Arrow keys to move aroundMouse to aimLeft-Click to shootRight-Click for Protego (a sheild)Kill Voldemort to...

Shoot blue apples to feed blue square

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Shoot blue apples to feed blue square Shoot the blue apples to feed bule sqre. Blue square need blue aples please feed. Click to shoot the ball. Click reatart button to

Competência 1 – Ghost Shooter

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Competência 1 - Ghost Shooter Tarefa de casa ué. Tenho que enrolar aqui para dar o limite mínimo da descrição que o site pede. De qualquer forma, atire e tente não morrer. Cada monstro morto d...

DanTDM is the best.

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DanTDM is the best. It is all about DanTDM. You shoot squares. No instructions. You only click the

Joseph”s Cannon Game

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Joseph"s Cannon Game Come and play my awesome game. Play if you dare! Use the mouse and click to

Guns and Ammo

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Guns and Ammo Shoot the bombs, but don't get hit! If you get hit 3 times, YOU LOSE!This was my first "real game" (as in a game that doesn't completely suck), so I would greatly appreciate any feedb...

Alien Shooter (Demo) made by Matthew Gillen

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Alien Shooter (Demo) made by Matthew Gillen THIS IS A DEMO Survive endless hordes of aliens and try to get a high score Any and all feedback would be appreciated CONTROLS = Arrow keys to move ...


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SpaceShooter A shooter game that has you shooting monsters and getting points each time you hit them. They will keep coming in different places so you have to keep looking for them. Just don't get hit by the mons...

Robot Battles: Dark Town

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Robot Battles: Dark Town Defeat all 5 bosses, I was meant o upload this a long time ago but then I forgot :| Up, Down, Left and Right Arrow KeysOther instructions in-gamemobile


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DEJIM Intenta aprobar las asignaturas para no llorar. Arrow keys to move.Mouse to aim and shootmobile


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SPACE SHOOTER - SK destroy enemy space Ships.. and be save from their frequent attacksAnd Free Lives :) Move Left & Right with -=[ Space button OR left Click Of mouse ]=- Angle making is with mousemobile


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Shooter This is a shooter computer only game.Sorry if it is a little bad, I didn't have a lot of time to spend on it. Arrow Keys=MoveLeft Click=Shootmobile


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Kovan Kovan is a space-shooting game in which you must scape from the spaceship that is chasing you, while you try to avoid the dangers that space hides... Up arrow UpDown arrow DownLeft arrow LeftRight arrow RightSpa...

School shooting simulator

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School shooting simulator Kill as many of the kids that bullied you over so many years as you can! Use the mouse to aimClick to shootArrow keys to move arroundmobile

New Galaxy

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New Galaxy Shoot 'm Up Space GamesThe game is like Galaga, Galagian etc. but... You can use the arrows left, right or keyboard A,D and left click of the mouse for shotmobile


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Cannon Stop the soldiers going past your cannon, if a blue enemy treats a wounded enemy a red enemy will be spawned which will travel faster. Three difficulty modes available. [left and right arrow keys] - rotate cann...

Alien Invasion

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Alien Invasion Throw the bolts at the aliens to stop them from invading the robots left & right arrows to move side to side & hide behind blocks to prevent losing a lifespace bar to shootmobile

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