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Kupara Touch the boxes to destroy the boxes and drop the cups to the platform...FULL VERSION IS AVAILABLE ON PLAY STORE 4 LEVELS _  ~ Classic ...

Puzzle Game Cartoon

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Puzzle Game Cartoon Casual Puzzle Game Cartoon for Kids (Puzzle Kids) Game for Kids - PuzzleDrag & Drop to playHave a good time!mobile


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A-MAZE-ing Find your way throught the maze, but don't hit the walls! Get to the crown, but unlock the walls to get there. If you hit the walls, go back to the start (but you don't loose your progress). Hit t...

Tap & Clapp

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Tap & Clapp Tap & Clapp is a physics puzzle game. Game features:- 60 levels- new game element every 5 levels- really interesting and hard puzzles- everything is made via physics- cute graphics and soundI bet, ...

Dot Puzzle!

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Dot Puzzle! A simple puzzle game that tests your ability to make certain dots light up depending on your mouse's position. Once you finish the pre-made, simple puzzles, make your own, experiment, or jam out to th...


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ICE FIND makes single hex that targeted a card to the left, and not having it trigger useful. theme is to make it as powerful as bolt, except the dmg is delayed until it's triggered by the next dmg source makes s...


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BLOB KINGDOM This game is about a small pink blob that is trying to get the crown for the Queen but can't touch the evil blob of fire. Use the arrows to make your blob move, UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHTFind the crown...

Gem Grab

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Gem Grab You are trying to gain favor with the King who recently lost lots of his gems. As gems are recovered by the kings soldiers, it is your job to match the gems that are the same color. You do this by grabbing a ...

quebra cabeça

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quebra cabeça e um jogo bem legal eu que fiz deixa a sua avaliacao sobre o jogo! mover o mouse de um lado para o outro e nao deixar a bolinha cairmobile

Game 0.0

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Game 0.0 This game is a good game but you need to know how to play it but there is no way to play it because It is not completed. DO nothing HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...

ImpossibleGame Level 2

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ImpossibleGame Level 2 ImpossibleGame: Level 2Survive! RIGHT ARROW - walk rightLEFTARROW - walk leftUP ARROW - jumpmobile

ImpossibleGame Level 3

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ImpossibleGame Level 3 Impossible Game Level 3Escape! RIGHT ARROW - walk rightLEFT ARROW - walk leftUP ARROW - jumpmobile

Ball Way

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Ball Way Proyect game: gamerelaxing puzzle touch or click to move or rotate piecesmobile

Jungle game

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Jungle game Help the expolorer to cross the river. Use your left mouse button to drag the trunks and to move the explorer click with your left mouse button on the

Chow-Chow Puzzle

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Chow-Chow Puzzle Collect the puzzle pieces and bring them to the small dot in the top right corner to complete a cute puzzle Arrow keys to move the charactermobile

Jogo de inglês

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Jogo de inglês It´s a school game created using Construct 2, a game were you can play as Glorinha and chose the correct complemente for each sentence USE THE ARROWS ON THE KEYBOARD TO CONTROLmobile

April Snowfall

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April Snowfall version for better optimisation.All of us, from time to time, fly in the clouds imagining how our destiny could have developed, making us at the right time ...

Starman Odyssey

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Starman Odyssey Follow the journey of Starman crew as they explore the planet of Mars. Along the journey, they have to solve chemistry questions that they discover. The topics covered within this game are Alloy and Ch...


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QUESTIONS This is my first time using Construct 2. Sorry if my Grammar is still bad. And Sorry if the Audio is bad. Also in the Text "All Words Is CAPS LOCK" it suppose to be "All Words Are CAPS LOCK&qu...


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GEMINI Gemini is a 2D platformer where you play as two characters at once. Help Rose and Violet defeat enemies and solve puzzles to find and save their puppy. By using their unique skills and combined powers, they wil...

Roy G. Biv – A Colorful Platformer

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Roy G. Biv - A Colorful Platformer Hopefully it works this time. Jump through those gems, change those colors, collect those four rainbow stars. Arrow keys to move, jump through gems to change Roy's

Roy G. Biv – Final Build

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Roy G. Biv - Final Build You are Roy G. Biv, the Chromatic Crusader. Find all four Rainbow Stars to restore color to the world. Arrow keys to move. Jump through gems to change Roy's


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THIS IS ROY G BIV Please work please work please work please work please work Arrow keys. Gems. Self-doubt. By Grabthar's hammer, I hope this


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Template A devastating storm has robbed the world of all color... and only you can reunite the four shards of the rainbow and bring color back to the world. Arrow keys to move. Jump through gems to change Roy's c...


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PeaPops Complete the challenges by popping peas in a set number of moves. There are 50 levels to beat! Tap on green peas to pop them. Sounds simple - but it gets really tough!mobile

Fun Math Game!

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Fun Math Game! You are running down the street, but there are big trash bags in the way. Jump over the the trash by solving the math problem. The discription has to be longer than 30 characters so here's some mor...

The Happy Stickman

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The Happy Stickman This is our first game and we hope you like it. Arrow up= jump Arrow upX2= double jump left and right arrows= Left and Rightmobile


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TES M4T4 Tes konsentrasi mata dan reflek tangan.Kategori Skor500 s.d. 600 ~ F4NT4STIS400 s.d. 499 ~ LU4R BI4S4300 s.d. 399 ~ M4NT4P50 s.d. 299 ~ SEM4NG4T Klik / Sentuh / Pilih 4 kotak angka 4 dalam tiap sesi.Tes seles...

Alien Blocks Match

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Alien Blocks Match Connect as many alien blocks of the same color as possible. There are two game modes: time mode and relax mode.You may buy the source of this game:


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Explore Go threw hard puzzles and find all sorts of treasures. do all sorts of stuff. this is really short but I don't care. bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye by the bey. really I just want to upload this game but...

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