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TES M4T4 Tes konsentrasi mata dan reflek tangan.Kategori Skor500 s.d. 600 ~ F4NT4STIS400 s.d. 499 ~ LU4R BI4S4300 s.d. 399 ~ M4NT4P50 s.d. 299 ~ SEM4NG4T Klik / Sentuh / Pilih 4 kotak angka 4 dalam tiap sesi.Tes seles...

Alien Blocks Match

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Alien Blocks Match Connect as many alien blocks of the same color as possible. There are two game modes: time mode and relax mode.You may buy the source of this game:


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Explore Go threw hard puzzles and find all sorts of treasures. do all sorts of stuff. this is really short but I don't care. bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye by the bey. really I just want to upload this game but...

Stop It!

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Stop It! It is a boundless game which relieves your stress and gives vitality and enthusiasm.Thank you for playing my game Stop It! Press and hold the screen and try to " stop it " in the circle ;)mobile


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SuperCoolAlienGame fghgjojfpgojkadpfogsp[dijfg0aeijroiaejf[opiadjfpgjdspfgas[pdofjg[adsifjg 'dkf[aijdfijsdfogijsdopfgjdsoifjgsiodjfgosdjfgojsdfoigijsdifopmobile


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Ninazzle If you have a white screen , you'll need to close the page and come back , I don't know how to fix this bug yet. >_<Use your finger or mouse and try to beat the Puzzles , good luck Solver.All ...

Physics Cannon X – The Cannoning

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Physics Cannon X - The Cannoning Six levels. Incredibly basic. And hard...? Click or tap the screen: ShootMove mouse or drag: AimThat's

Ducks and Snakes

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Ducks and Snakes Click on the floating umbrellas, under some are ducks (ducks are good) and under others are snakes (snakes are bad). Once you find a snake under a particular umbrella, a snake will always be under tha...


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AnyWay_151_GarbageGameTwo Simple Clicker. We need to collect and sell apples, mushrooms, potions. Click on apple, rise, mashroom etsmobile

Slots Beach

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Slots Beach colorful slots on the beach. nice music, beautiful graphics, guarantee many hours of game play. operate a mouse or touch on the touch


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LoveSpread Make the world a happier place...Drop positive energy on the sad people. drag the energy ball onto the sad peoplemobile

Fun-Find Him

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Fun-Find Him Are you bored? Play Fun-Find Him!The game plot : Find 50 positive feelings, depicted in the photos.Immerse yourself in the fascinating search for good moments! Good luck!-Carefully consider two similar ph...


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HEX TETRIS Game for fun :) control with arrow keys Game for fun :) control with arrow keysmobile


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TETRIS - BROW BATTLE BLOCK Brow Battle Block is a multiplayer tetris clone which supports up to 8 players with gamepads. Play both classic mode and the new battle mode, where you can use power ups to sabotage your opo...


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BROW BATTLE BLOCK Brow Battle Block is a multiplayer tetris clone which supports up to 8 players with gamepads. Play both classic mode and the new battle mode, where you can use power ups to sabotage your oponents!Bro...

Square Escape

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Square Escape Textura: Setas do teclado/Keyboard arrowsmobile

Not Touch On Red

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Not Touch On Red Link offline game:ês:NTR é um jogo simples, NÃO ENCOSTE NO VERMELHO. Caso passe 5 fases seguidas, o jogador ganha +1 vida. Atenção...

Solve IT!

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Solve IT! Go through the maze using arrow keys, and solve math questions doing it! the instructions for this game can be found in the start page of the gamemobile

Match3 Transmission GGJ2018

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Match3 Transmission GGJ2018 “Match3 Transmission” is a classical Match3 game developed during Global Game Jam 2018 (theme “Transmission”)I would like to thank Scirra for the special GameJam Constuct3 license. Classica...

Draw the Pixel

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Draw the Pixel Modern coloring game.In this game you need to colorize the numbered pixel art pictures. Touch Mouse- Pick color and tap to the pixel to color it- HOLD touch to Fill many pixels- Zoom picturemobile

Genio quiz Futebol

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Genio quiz Futebol I hope you like this game, it worked hard use the mouse to clickuse the arrow keys to move the ballmobile


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Escape3 Help those three little creatures to escape their condition of being a piece of dirt.This game was made for the #construct 3 gamejam "good things come in three".And we won the second place !!! Thanks...

Revenge of Dog

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Revenge of Dog It's a free game made with my brother on our free time in 7 Days for the StrayJam organised in April 2017 by Madiber on jam. Use Arrow Keys to MoveDOWN to scratchSPACE to Barkmobile

let”s harvest fruit

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let"s harvest fruit let's harvest fruit and an entertainment game.It's up to you to beat the record in less time. How to playUse Mouse Fire 1let's harvest fruit e um jogo de entretenimento.Consistê...


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Brasil.dat 5 Enigmas você consegue resolver? Use the mouse to select and the keyboard to

Nerd Quiz Troll

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Nerd Quiz Troll Um Jogo muito legal de Quiz com 10 Níveis Incrivéis Trolls! Será que Consegue Ganhar? [Mouse] Aperte Botões BrancosAs Respostas podem estar tanto em imagens como em textos! Entã...

Eu não sei oq to fzd

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Eu não sei oq to fzd é so um teste, então eu to escrevendo isso pq tem que ter 30 caracteres tlg mano então sei la oq falar sacou ? só joga uahsaush Use a setas mas aqui tb tem q ter 30 meu deus au...

Collection Kid Games – Funny Animals

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Collection Kid Games - Funny Animals Kid Games animals by Recorp Games is one of the best and most entertaining Google Play games for kids.It offers the possibility of interacting with animals while we play different ...


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AngCity Four ghost homies stay in AngCity. Enter the scary door to find each ghost homie and throw them a bone to release them from their suffering. Arrow keys to move.Space to throw bone. Up twice to double jump....

Doge Maze

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Doge Maze Get to the end of every maze level, 4 levels in total! Arrow Up - UpArrow Left - LeftArrow Right - RightArrow Down - Downmobile

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