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Springen und sterben 2

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Springen und sterben 2 es ist das fieseste spiel der welt Du spiesl mit A.S.D und

Simple Artifical Neural Network Tool

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Simple Artifical Neural Network Tool Basically by giving 2 input and 2 output values you can see the chancing weights You can change inputs and outputsAlso by selecting lines you can change their weightsmobile

Little Rabbit

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Little Rabbit Venez contrôler un petit lapin rose. Flèches haut, bas, droite

A Day On The Island

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A Day On The Island A short illustrated exploration game set on a small island. Movement keys or WASD to move around the island.E key to interact with objects when the speech bubble is above your

Tainy hat

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Tainy hat baisikliey u hafe tu goh throo de popeso no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tancks u Ai toldeh u In da beegeh oneh!xX Ali - A Xxmobile

Slappy arrow

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Slappy arrow Is basically flappy bird.Is basically flappy bird.Is basically flappy bird.Is basically flappy bird.Is basically flappy bird.Is basically flappy bird.Is basically flappy bird.Is basically flappy bird.Is b...

Let”s Approve

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Let"s Approve Target users are people working in audio post production, who would like a less distracting way to take notes and pay attention. A simple tool to use during the approval process that's essentially a...

Rainbow Cube

7 Played 0 Comments

Rainbow Cube A difficult platformer game. Should be fun. Definitely. Warning: May induce rage. Play at own risk.By the creator of Bankrobber: A beginning. Arrow Keys to moveSpace to

Test Your Luck

9 Played 0 Comments

Test Your Luck Survive as long as you can while avoiding flying axes! Movement with the arrow keys. The longer you survive, the higher your

Multiplayer Sync

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Multiplayer Sync Sync animationsSync animation framesSync mirror stateSync SoundsSync anithing else using these methodsEvent sheet is clear and well commentedNo third party plugins or behaviors are usedYou can purchas...

Nave X Racer

9 Played 0 Comments

Nave X Racer Casual linear game to pass Records! Use the touch screen for move the nave!mobile

Raging Platforms2.0

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Raging Platforms2.0 Complete this game by jumping from platform. Can you also find the cheats on levels 3 and 12. w/up arrow is jumpa/left arrow is leftd/right arrow is rightmobile

Time Rewind

9 Played 0 Comments

Time Rewind You can purchase this template here Purchase this asset and make your awesome games with time rewind!mobile

Perfect Level Editor

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Perfect Level Editor 1. Allows the player to create his own level/maps2. Save and load levels as map-files3. Perfect optimisation4. Drag&drop, scale, rotate objects5. Can be used for any game genre6. Event sheet i...


11 Played 0 Comments

Robot Get back home but don't touch the water and malfunction! Thanks! I appreciate comments! Use the arrows to move. Don't fall into the water by jumping on the metal platforms. Hit up twice to double jump....

Laundry Sorting Sprint

13 Played 0 Comments

Laundry Sorting Sprint Laundry was never fun... until now. Double click start to start. Drag and drop the shirts into the pile that matches their color. Get to the bottom of the pile before it gets to hard!mobile

The Best Soup EVER

16 Played 0 Comments

The Best Soup EVER Try to make the most delicous soup to impress the judges! Drag and drop ingredients using your mouse into the pot. When you are ready to present, click the show the judges button, and double click t...

Cool colour and number teaching game

11 Played 0 Comments

Cool colour and number teaching game Click the correct answers against the time. Choose your level difficulty for less time !This game teaches children to count, and do arithmetic calculations, and teach primary and s...

Cool colour and number kid teaching game

14 Played 0 Comments

Cool colour and number kid teaching game This game will teach children counting, arithmetic calculations and primary and secondary colours. Three levels of difficulty are there to choose from to make it more hard with...

The Caverns

18 Played 0 Comments

The Caverns Mine and explore your way through mysterious environments in order to destroy a malicious meteor.This game won 3rd Place in the Spring 2018 STEMFuse GOT GAME? competition. W A D: MoveE: Open Crafting Menu1...

Dave”s Challenge

28 Played 0 Comments

Dave"s Challenge "I hope you're excited for my challenge!" -Dave W JumpA D MoveLeft Mouse/Space: Advance textmobile

FizzBuzz, the Interview Question

13 Played 0 Comments

FizzBuzz, the Interview Question This is a program that runs the classic game FizzBuzz, and I was inspired to do this by Tom Scott, after I watched one of his videos, "FizzBuzz: One Simple Interview Question.&quo...

Game Pizarro

17 Played 0 Comments

Game Pizarro Ayuda a Snugy a matar a su enemigos y consumir las flores.Para Jugar utiliza las flechas de movimiento Para Jugar utiliza las flechas de movimientoArriba = salto Izquierda = izquierda Derecha = derecha ...


18 Played 0 Comments

Switch! Switch! Is a fun, fast-paced, endless one-touch game.Simply switch from wall to wall to avoid oncoming objects.Collect stars to increase score.The longer you last, the better the score. Click to switch sides a...

Cookie Clicker Mobile

18 Played 0 Comments

Cookie Clicker Mobile CLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click, Click, Click, Click,...

Mason Bleed”s Wonderful Math Game

14 Played 0 Comments

Mason Bleed"s Wonderful Math Game Click the spacebar or use the arrow keys to change directions. Avoid red obstacles, touch other objects for points! Up Arrow ~ Go upDown Arrow ~ Go downSpacebar ~ Change directions ...


22 Played 0 Comments

AKAME Collect memory fragments throughout the game without dying! Standard walking controls:A - Move Left D - Move RightW - Jumpmobile

Flashlight demo

18 Played 0 Comments

Flashlight demo Shoot the tanks or just enjoy the view - this is a demo of some of the effect that the Flashlight plugin can help you make. Arrow keys or WASD to move. Shoot the tanks, or just enjoy the view... This...

Per Pixel Destruction

17 Played 0 Comments

Per Pixel Destruction Benefits of my way of per pixel destruction:1. Perfect performance60 fps, 0% cpu after 450 explosions on my old PC.60 fps, 1% cpu after 550 explosions.In real game, I bet, 50-100 explosions will ...


16 Played 0 Comments

Scrolling There are 3 ways of scrolling:1. Dragging scroller2. Pushing arrows3. Sliding menu elementsYou can easily change the size and position of everything without calculating anything.You can purchase this templat...

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