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Simple Joust

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Simple Joust This is a client-side (not multiplayer) 2 player game where you randomly get placed anywhere on the map and automatically go towards your opponent. When you reach them, you can press apostrophe or shift d...

Circle Jockey

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Circle Jockey Basically it's a sumo game much like fuzion frenzy's knockout and thrilleville OTR's saucer sumo.It has some power ups too. Red: Arrow keys to move, space bar to boostYellow: WASD to move,...


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Test2 -----ENGLISH/INGLÊS-----This is my second game, i hope you enjoy it-----PORTUGUÊS/PORTUGUESE-----Esse é o meu segundo jogo, espero que goste Nothing/NadaNothing/NadaNothing/NadaNothing/NadaNothing...

Strategic Jones

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Strategic Jones A game for two players, extremely difficult, it requires perfect coordination sometimes. Set in a medieval era, two knights are on a quest for the treasure, but in the end, a hard truth shall be unveil...

Puck Blaster

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Puck Blaster Battle against a human player or computer controlled player to score 5 points (Classic Mode).Also features: turrets and a multiple balls mode.Thanks for playing and let me know what you think.Credits:Thun...


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MultiTanks This is a multiplayer template, you can purchase it here. #Controls:#- WASD or arrows - to move- Mouse - to aim- LMB - to shoot- Space - to show game statsmobile

Battling With Three

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Battling With Three Battle with your friend with only three health points and a low cadence weapon!textures used:

Push Up Rcae

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Push Up Rcae Press the left button to drop your body, and then the right button to push up. Do this repeatedly to score points. The player who does the most press-ups within 10 seconds wins! If it is a tie, e.g. playe...

Nuclear Exchange

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Nuclear Exchange Each player places 10 bases anywhere on their coloured country, they then take turns to destroy their opponent's bases in a nuclear exchange. [tap your country] - base placement [tap enemy countr...


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PowerfulRabbits This is just a test.Game of 2 players and dies who reach 100% first or who finishes the races first.Use the directional keys and W, A, S, D to move the "Q", "E", &q...

jogo de 2 players

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jogo de 2 players o player 1 usa as setas e o z e o player 2 usa a,w,d e espaco o p1 usa as setas e Z e o p2 us a w d e ESPACOmobile


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nPONGo 2-player only, and it's like Pong... or is it? arrows and = for player 1, WSAD and SPACE for player 2, M starts the music, R resets the gamemobile

Galaxy Match

37 Played 0 Comments

Galaxy Match Score by directing the ball to hit the enemy's deathline. How to Play : Whoever obtains higher score wins.Controls : [W] = Move Up (Player 1)[S] = Move Down (Player 1)[Arrow Up] = Move Up (Player 2)[...

Dino Soul(s)mate

53 Played 0 Comments

Dino Soul(s)mate Its the new 2d dark souls with local multiplayer All controllers instructions are in gamemobile

Poolout 2

57 Played 0 Comments

Poolout 2 Player 1 is blue, hit stripes to gain points but don't hit spots or your opponent will gain points. Player 2 is red, hit spots to gain points but don't hit stripes or your opponent will gain points...

Hot wheels Demolish Derby

38 Played 0 Comments

Hot wheels Demolish Derby Play against your friends and destroy them!Watch out for propane tanks! Top left car-Up arrow, Down arrow, Left arrow and Right arrowTop right car-W, S, A and DBottom Left car-Num8, Num5 , Nu...

Denser 3

51 Played 0 Comments

Denser 3 Become Denser by being hit by asteroids and comets, but don't get hit too hard! If you are player 2 you will be a dwarf planet and so must dodge everything. To access the bonus game press 'spacebar&...

Denser 2

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Denser 2 If you are Player 1 your aim is to become Denser by being hit by asteroids and comets, but don't get hit too hard! Player 2 controls a dwarf planet and must dodge everything or be destroyed. Player 1 can...


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CUBEMAN MULTIPLAYER CUBEMAN MULTIPLAYER game for fun :))game control with arrow keys............................................................ CUBEMAN MULTIPLAYER game for fun :))game control with arrow keys...........

Stick Limb Fighters 2

56 Played 0 Comments

Stick Limb Fighters 2 Throw kicks and punches at your opponent until their health reaches zero before the time runs out. Each character has a special power which may vary slightly depending on if you are player 1 or 2...


74 Played 0 Comments

Tripping Dodge the holes that spawn randomly around the map! Be the last one standing to win! Red:W:UPA:LEFTS:DOWND:RIGHTBlue:[up arrow]:Up[down arrow]:Down[left arrow]:Left[right arrow]:Rightmobile

Stick Limb Fighters

65 Played 0 Comments

Stick Limb Fighters Punch and Kick your opponent until their health reaches zero, you have 60 seconds, if time is up no-one wins and the game will restart. [Up, Left, Right Arrows] - player 1 move[Down Arrow] - player...

Boxing Game

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Boxing Game Box in the ring with your opponent Player 1 - A and D : MovePlayer 1 - W : blockPlayer 1 - S - Weak Punch Player 1 - C - Strong PunchPlayer 2 - Left and Right arrows: MovePlayer 2 - Up Arrow : BlockPlayer ...

4 In A Row Easy

93 Played 0 Comments

4 In A Row Easy Take turns dropping pieces, and get 4 in a row of your colour to win. Play against another player or play against an easy AI which can only "see" the vertical win lines [click/tap] - red arro...


93 Played 0 Comments

BOMB DROPPERS Drop bombs to destroy blocks to reveal powerups, and create a path to an enemy and blow them up blue plane - movement : arrow keys. Bomb: # Spawn: /red plane - movement :w,a,s,d keys. Bomb : e Spawn : qy...


96 Played 0 Comments

VikingGame Something different. Knockdown your opponent's CUBES by throwing a stick. Looks easy but try.Thanks for playing my game and PLEASE comment. RECOMMEND TO READ INSTRUCTIONS IN FULL. Incorrect playing let...


91 Played 0 Comments

TURRET SURVIVOR Choose one or two player game, and dodge the bullets for as long as possible [arrow keys] - player 1 movement[w,a,s,d keys] - layer 2 movementmobile

Tank Driver

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Tank Driver The turret will shoot for you. Destroy the other tank by driving your tank in a skilful manner [arrow keys] - player 1 movement[w,a,s,d] - player 2 movementmobile

plane arenas

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plane arenas Entertain the crowd by destroying the other plane! Player 1 uses arrow keys and space to shoot!Player 2 uses arrow keys and C to shoot!mobile

Snakes and Ladders No Doubles

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Snakes and Ladders No Doubles Take turns pressing your colour square to roll the die, you will automatically move the number of places shown on the die. The first to land on the 100th square wins the game.In this exci...

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