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The Grand Illusion

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The Grand Illusion Juggling balls are your ammo! You throw them at enemies to harm them and once you throw one you must walk over and pick it up to throw it again. This makes it so that you must sometimes walk near en...

Capt Doe

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Capt Doe Side scrolling space shooter where you try and survive 100 waves of enemies and bosses in order to kill the Planet Devourer. At your disposal you have 5 different weapon systems with unique characteristics an...

army platformer

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army platformer a platformer,army and shooting game that is it. It's very fun arrow keys to move and click to shoot that is it very simplemobile


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GucciGangRacers gucci gang racers the most best racing game ever the game is very easy so yeahthis a joke btw if you didnt notice its very ez yez very ez just be fast it is time trial against no one hah geymobile

call of gucci: gang offensive

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call of gucci: gang offensive kill the feik gusci to wein gucci geng just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head j...

Square Danger

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Square Danger This game is an action game. The goal is to avoid the red square and go at the end of the map. This game has been built on the app Construct 2.Ce jeu est un jeu d'action, le but du jeu est d’év...


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Zern MODE Jeu de reflex et d'action ! Le but est de franchir tous les obstacles afin d'arriver à la fin du niveau! Ce jeu a été créé à l'aide de l'application Construc...

Springen und sterben 2

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Springen und sterben 2 es ist das fieseste spiel der welt Du spiesl mit A.S.D und

Project Epic Pixel Adventure lvl 2

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Project Epic Pixel Adventure lvl 2 It's finally here lvl 2 enjoyPixel is one lvl closer on reaching his goalWil he ever reach it?Credits:Background music: https:/...

Simple Artifical Neural Network Tool

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Simple Artifical Neural Network Tool Basically by giving 2 input and 2 output values you can see the chancing weights You can change inputs and outputsAlso by selecting lines you can change their weightsmobile

Little Rabbit

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Little Rabbit Venez contrôler un petit lapin rose. Flèches haut, bas, droite


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CC Jeu incroyable genial et tres original. Jouez y et prenez du plaisir a terminer ce jeu tres simpleCe jeu est creer par un platformer de genie pro de mario. flèches pour se déplacerz pour tirermobile


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SMASHING a quick "game" made for a homework presentation made with a meme. Move the mouse to aim the fishLeft click to shoot SMASHING at peopleThis is to padd instructions for the gamemobile

4 Played 0 Comments How high of a score can you get? But watch out, you can't crash into your own body or let the other snakes crash into your head. Hold down on the left mouse button to control your snake. Hold down on the...

Space Invaders

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Space Invaders This is a simple game which you have to try to kill all the invaders are trying to get near the bottom. As long as they touch the bottom, you will lose! Right Arrow to move the canon to the rightLeft Ar...

A Day On The Island

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A Day On The Island A short illustrated exploration game set on a small island. Movement keys or WASD to move around the island.E key to interact with objects when the speech bubble is above your


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StarFireGo Mobile version of Starfire! enjoy! :D Press the Arrows to move your ship and the middle button to fire!mobile

Hand Aimer

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Hand Aimer Try to hit the aim with a ball, perform ricochets, gain score!Everything is made via physics.This game is very addicting and fun.You can purchase this game license here Tap or click LMB to let the ball fly....

Tainy hat

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Tainy hat baisikliey u hafe tu goh throo de popeso no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tancks u Ai toldeh u In da beegeh oneh!xX Ali - A Xxmobile

Slappy arrow

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Slappy arrow Is basically flappy bird.Is basically flappy bird.Is basically flappy bird.Is basically flappy bird.Is basically flappy bird.Is basically flappy bird.Is basically flappy bird.Is basically flappy bird.Is b...

Flappy Plane 100K VISITS

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Flappy Plane 100K VISITS huhu??? NANIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII?????????? [SPACE] JUMP [LEFT MOUSE] Click[EASTER EGG] Classifiedand all that stuff :)mobile

Space fly

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Space fly flappy bird parody yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...


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StarFire Destroy enemies to get enough points to take on the three kings of space! Space Bar To shootClick anywhere on the screen to move your spaceship thereArrow Keys Also work for movement!mobile

Space Fight

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Space Fight Hi, My name is Arnab Ghorai. I'm an animation artist and love to play games and also creating games. This is my first creation, so please, play it and tell me, is it fun to play or not?I also make gam...

Vitor Esquiador

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Vitor Esquiador Esquie pela montanha radicalmente enquanto desvia de obstáculos como rochas e moitas coletando água para recuperar vida aperte a tecla espaço para pularpara navegar nos menus utilize o m...

Let”s Approve

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Let"s Approve Target users are people working in audio post production, who would like a less distracting way to take notes and pay attention. A simple tool to use during the approval process that's essentially a...

Body and Soul

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Body and Soul A detached soul must complete trials to recover its lost body. Up arrow for jumpRight arrow for move rightLeft arrow for move leftmobile

Rainbow Cube

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Rainbow Cube A difficult platformer game. Should be fun. Definitely. Warning: May induce rage. Play at own risk.By the creator of Bankrobber: A beginning. Arrow Keys to moveSpace to

Adventure fighter!

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Adventure fighter! This is a 2D side scrolling game where you travel to different worlds (not in the demo) and rescue the crowns powers from the evil DR. Hell! Use the arrow keys to move. press the up key to jump and ...


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Rodgehog Demo Parody of Sonic and college project. Right arrow to go RightLeft arrow to go LeftUp arrow to JumpDown arrow to Ball AttackCollect the RangsKill enemiesmobile

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