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sword battle

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sword battle uma batalha entre espadachins até a morte dentro de um castelo p1use as setas, l para atacar, p para atirarp2use awsd, f para atacar, r para atirarmobile

Jurassic Evolution

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Jurassic Evolution A fast paced dinosaur fighting game! Each kill you get, you level up! Reach the highest level to win! All the controls are in game under the controls menu and are simple and easy to learn!mobile


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Combo #Features:#- Button Combinations like in fightings- Supports both keyboard and gamepads- No third party plugins or behaviors are used- Very clear and well commented codeYou can purchase this template here Press ...

Rat Arena

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Rat Arena Rat Arena - is HTML5 arena-fighting game.How can you know who is better: AI or human?There is only one way - you have to take two rats.You are playing as green rat and AI as blue rat.You can purchase this ga...


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Galactica shoot the alien ships that spawn around you use the arrow keys to rotate the shipmobile

Survive to the Invasion

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Survive to the Invasion This is a platforme game. Kill as many people you can to have the best score you can. Try to survive a long time. Mouve and jump with arrowsSoot with the mousemobile

Man vs. Monster

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Man vs. Monster This game is based on the beginner tutorial from this website Arrow keys direct the player. Mouse pointer determines which way the player is facing. Left mouse click shoots the player's weapon. Ki...


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STREETTUTO3 El mateix joc del street tuto 2 però per Android tàctil per Android amb fletxes i els botons son patada, cameame i cop de punymobile


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STREEETTUTO2 Joc que vol semblar el mitic Street Fighter Per jugar amb ordinador només. amb les tecles z,x,c i les fletxesmobile


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Kurt"sFightingGame Grandma beats up Justin BieberFirst Construct 2 Game I've Ever Made.Fully Functional AI (JB) Z - PunchX - KickLeft Arrow - Move LeftRight Arrow - Move RightUp Arrow - JumpDown Arrow - Duck/Fall...

ball battle

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ball battle a 2 player 1 keyboard battle game click on instructions its that simple im not typing it here i did not make an instructions tab for nothingmobile

Shoot 2D

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Shoot 2D Shoot the monsters and try to beat your recorts W or A or S or D MoveLeft click shoot bulletsmobile

gokken 7

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pixel ataque

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pixel ataque lute o máximo que você puder."PIXEL ATAQUE" jogo de lutacontras criaturas não normais p1:movimento-setas direcionaisataque-Nraio-Bpoder-B&Vp2:movimento-W,A,S,Dataque-Rraio-Tpo...

Ghost shooter

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Ghost shooter it is simple fighting game to hit the monster to kill kill after 5 times hit.and player kill when monster touch player.and when monster dead 1 point automatic add in your score board. w Go for...

Kill Bill The Game

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Kill Bill The Game You have been in a coma for four years, but now you are awake and it is time for pay back. You must kill the Crazy 88 before you can continue in your journey. Arrow keys to moveSpace to stabmobile

Louis Scott

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Louis Scott Super Meme Boys is fun and all will love WASD and E JKLI and O ARROWS and 0mobile

konoha test

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konoha test a cool game... i +to play with boruto [a,d] move[arrows] move[j,k,l] attack[b,m,n] attackmobile

car vs zombie

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car vs zombie ------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------mobile

The Strangers Fighters

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The Strangers Fighters É um jogo de luta onde os personagens lutam pelo último sushi, para ver quem come o último sushi. W, S e D - Escolhe os personagens da esquerda.Setas - Escolhe os personagens da d...

A Aventura de Sasuke

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A Aventura de Sasuke jogo de luta que voce é sasuke e mata naruto e o itachi. Setas - Movimenta.B N e M -

Os Elementais

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Os Elementais É um jogo de luta onde os personagens são adolescentes com poderes elementais. W S e Espaço - Selecionar personagens.Setas e Enter - Selecionar personagens.WASD - Movimentam os personagens...

mario vs dragonball

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mario vs dragonball mario e luigi estavam andando pelo mundo quando aconteceu um bug no mundo e apareceu goku e vegeta para voltarem para o mundo de dragomball precisavam matar mario e luigi. Quem vai ganhar esta bata...

Flowerfell Sans Battle

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Flowerfell Sans Battle Чара жестоко убил Фриск и об этом узнал Санс потом вы встретились с Сансом лицом к лицу и началась жестокая битва сможете ли вы победить или просто будете трупом ?FR_Studio Управление Красной се...

Yin Yang

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Yin Yang This was my first game. It took me a year to develop it! I had no experience in the engine and I was very ambitious. I painted ugly sprites and a huge pixel size. In the programming I made things very complic...

elemental- demo

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elemental- demo use o elemental do fogo e derrote os outros elementais use as setas do pc ou os botoes do celularmobile

test. de tiro

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test. de tiro É um teste de tiro que eu quis colocar na scirra atire nos inimigos porque é só isso que vc tem que fazermobile

Pest Control

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Pest Control Kill as many cockroaches as you can within the time limit ! How to Play : Kill as many cockroaches as you can within the time limit !Controls : [LMB] = Hitmobile

super heroes

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super heroes jogo de luta que voce luta com os herois. WASD - movimenta o p1setas - movimenta o p2E ataca o p1N ataca p2espaço e enter escolhe os personagensmobile


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Injustice esse jogo é daora jogueeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! WASD - P1 se movimenta.E - P1 atacaSeta P2 movimenta m - p2 ataca ESPAÇO E ENTER ESCOLHE O PERSONAGEMmobile

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