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BN_RhamFlip Sebastian Fortuna my boyo. It is a game about a monkey jumping around to save other monkeys in a cage. 4 levels and a boss round. Up Arrow JumpDown Arrow Charge Power JumpRight Arrow Move RightLeft Arrow...


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TestLoginWithGoogle This is a test, i need know if Scirra Arcade support Firebase to upload a game :) Login with Google, if your account name show in the Project, Scirra Arcade support Firebasemobile

C1 Tutorial 1

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C1 Tutorial 1 Você atira nos aliens que estão te perseguindo. Use as setas do teclado para se mover, o mouse para mirar e atirar. Use as setas do teclado para se mover, o mouse para mirar e

Basic Breakout

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Basic Breakout An uninteresting implementation of the classic. Left and right arrow to move the paddle. Catch the ball so it can continue to break bricks. You've seen this before.(This version exists purely for s...

Plataforma C1

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Plataforma C1 trabalho de faculdade da universidade positivo da matéria de localização e produção. Ustaša - Hrvatska revolucionarna organizacija bila je hrvatski totalitarni nacionalistički po...

Projeto C1 Tiro

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Projeto C1 Tiro trabalho de faculdade da universidade positivo da matéria de localização e produção. Ustaša - Hrvatska revolucionarna organizacija bila je hrvatski totalitarni nacionalistički ...

Competência 1 – Platform Game

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Competência 1 - Platform Game Tarefa de casa de novo. Segui certinho o que o tutorial pedia, porém, não há um game over ou um objetivo exato nesse daí. Mas veja só: você pode pular em cim...

Gravity Force Template

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Gravity Force Template Template of great oldschool gameLink to scirra store Use touchscreen buttons or SPACE to schootand Arrows...

Summation system for End levels

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Summation system for End levels 6 capx examples shows how display end stage statisticsStore: Use various moves to end lewel a...

The Monsters Are Coming!

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The Monsters Are Coming! This game was made following the tutorial. Using arrow keys to move.Use mouse to aim.Left click to

ADV hp Bar

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ADV hp Bar Movement of hp bar and points similiar to Final Fantasy series Mouse click to give commandshealinflict damageorlevel up using two methodsmobile

Maze Escape

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Maze Escape Game to practice grade 3 math skills, created by my ICS3U students for a grade 3 class Use the arrow keys to move the player around. Capture stars and answer questions to earn them. Make sure to reach the ...

Pokemon Engine

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Pokemon Engine A 728 event engine on a pokemon style game soon available in scirra store (waiting on license) Touch for everything designed for mobilemobile

Pegue as Moedas

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Pegue as Moedas Olá pessoal! eu finalmente criei um mini jogo!espero que gostem!Em breve mais jogos! W=pularA=ir para esquerdaD=ir para direitamobile

Physics Tank

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Physics Tank #Features:#- Very simple code: 6 events only (3 for tank creation, 2 for controls and 1 for camera)- No third party plugins or behaviors are used- Code is well commented- Everything is made via physics Us...


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Nikihgame no Description:blablablablablablablablablablablablablablav S Go backwardsA D Left and right Space bar Jump!Space bar (2x) Double jump!"mobile


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BreakOut Hit the ball off of the paddle and hit the blocks to make them disappear. When all blocks are destroyed you will win the game. Left arrow-move paddle leftRight arrow-move paddle rightmobile

Level UP RPG System

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Level UP RPG System This template you can purchase in scirra store All description is on game layout, enjoymobile

Snowball Fight

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Snowball Fight A simple top-down shooter example based on the Construct tutorial. Use the arrow keys to move up, down, left, and right. Click the mouse button to throw snowballs. Restart the game using the spacebar. ...

Brincando com pinças / Playing with surgical instruments

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Brincando com pinças / Playing with surgical instruments Aprenda a montar uma mesa cirúrgica. / Learn how to set up a surgical table. Usar somente o mouse / Only the Mousemobile

Volcano Runner

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Volcano Runner Good Gaem 10/10 IGN Would Play Again if Forced to at gunpoint Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Himobile

King Click

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King Click Click on the crown, and earn points, then make a screen and show it to your friends, and do not forget about the victory among friends! A[k/] A[k/] A[k/] A[k/] A[k/] A[k/] A[k/] A[k/] A[k/] A[k/] A[k/] A[k/...


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MegaBoyTemplate Megaboy template for show how to move a player Arrow left Move leftArrow right Move rightArrow up JumpX Shootmobile

Menu Effect

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Menu Effect Menu Effect simplesCapx :

Infinite Noise World Generation Example (CUSTOMIZABLE)

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Infinite Noise World Generation Example (CUSTOMIZABLE) An example of the perlin noise plugin, customizable settings perlin or simplex intensity and seed. moves infinitely to the left Press start to go, change settings...


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Cryptography With this tool you can cryptography some small messages using the power of Construct 2. :)Type your message using the characters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWYZ_!?,.choose the integer values for a and b(below ...

[Tutorial] Non-Repeat Random Number (With .Capx!)

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[Tutorial] Non-Repeat Random Number (With .Capx!) This is a very easy demonstration and tutorial for how to generate Non-repeat random numbers in construct 2 and store them into Array.It will generate 16 unrepeated nu...

Free Template: Bubble Chains

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Free Template: Bubble Chains This free template give all the code you need to start your own chain gameDownload Capx here:!AkkyienG55tghfd06NdI2M5FG4Iu5gDon't forget to rate and comment! hold ...

UFBA – Biotecnologia

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UFBA - Biotecnologia Projeto UFBA - Biotecnologia, usar microarray pra resolver o problema do paciente de um hospital. Mouse Only. usa o mouse pra fazer todas a ações do game.

Johan the Unicorn

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Johan the Unicorn Hi! My name is Joohan! I'm a magical unicorn from Estonia!I Like marzipan and safety in internet! :3 Left arrow - go backwardsRight arrow - go forwardsUpper arrow - jump

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