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BB – Drift Blade (A)

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BB - Drift Blade (A) Drift Car game, hit block with drift motion (with buttons ver.) drift:[ O ] button, zoom: upper left(keys move: Arrow keys or WASD drift: Shift, Space zoom: wheel or R,4 key)Hit blocks with blue a...

BB – Drift Blade (B)

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BB - Drift Blade (B) Drift Car game, hit block with drift motion (with no buttons ver.) move: Arrow keys or WASDdrift: Shift, Spacezoom: wheel or R,4 keyHit blocks with blue at the rear of the


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CESTA Vyhnite sa s autom prekážkam a získajte nové autá Medzerník - štart autaPohyb - šípka vpravo a šípka vľavomobile


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35 SECONDS: RACE Can you win the race in 35 seconds? It's hard, but not difficult. Use down, up, left and right keys to move the

Toy Car racing

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Toy Car racing This is Toy Car racing (you are the green toy car.) They all said that a toy car could never compete in "real" races but you will prove them wrong with this prototype '3X Grand Prix R.C. ...

2Cars Adventure in Ribeirão Preto

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2Cars Adventure in Ribeirão Preto GET THE GAS GALS AVOID OBSTACLES, DO NOT LOSE ANY GASOLINE GALLONS Use the right mouse button to move the

Flappin Flappin Birds

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Flappin Flappin Birds Game Similar to Flappy bird.pass through the middle of the pipes and score points at the end of the game. click on the screen to flap your wings!mobile

My first Game :D

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My first Game :D This is my first game in Construct 2 Enjoy!! W GO FORWARDSS GO BACKWARDSD GO RIGHTA GO LEFTmobile

Race Game

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Race Game A simple Race game. Try to do one lap as fast as possible.You can download the source (Construct 3). Just download the capx file and rename extention to c3p (RaceGame_rename_to_c3p.capx -> RaceGame_rename...

H3H3: The Quest for the Oof

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H3H3: The Quest for the Oof In this game, you play as Hila and you need to collect oof for the fupa lord. do it. Papa bless use arrow keys you pleb. i mean come on it's so easy to figure it out. haha xddddddddddd...

pixel run

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pixel run this game has been re-uploadedrun to make better pontuations and beat your friends! LEFT ARROW - MOVE LEFTRIGHT ARROW - MOVE RIGHTmobile

Pixel Speedrun

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Pixel Speedrun Move the Pixel trough the different Levels. Be as fast as possible to get the fastest Score. Left Arrow / Right Arrow - MoveUp Arrow - Jumpmobile


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Mumun Collect all the stars to unlock the next level etc. Just 4 level, at the first level, you do not have auto jump capability. "BEWARE OF THE TRAPS", sometimes it will destroy your HP "DOUBLE"So...

Rabbit Run: Planet

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Rabbit Run: Planet Rabbit run: Planet is a mini-game for the reaction. Rabbit runs, collects carrots and stuffs a record, then to buy beautiful clothes. At first the speed of the rabbit is small, but over time the rab...


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SpaceShift SpaceShift is a vertical racing game where you use your ears to locate cloaking devices and a 5-speed ship to race your way to victory. Shift - Shift ModeSpace - CloakLeftArrow - Move LeftRightArrow - Move ...

Speed Racer

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Speed Racer Race against an AI race car. The game is made up of two levels with the first being a tutorial and the second being much more difficult Click and point your mouse to drive the carmobile

Highway of Death and Destruction

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Highway of Death and Destruction Go for as long as possible without dying good luck! Get past as many cars as possible without dying!!!!!! Yay!mobile

Speed Boy

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Speed Boy Hold onto your knickers as Speed Boy sends it full throttle down a crowded road. He's all about beating his record time. Avoid obstacles and do your best to make it home as fast as possible. (UP) - Go ...


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Atombots Atom bots is a hard and addicting game were you play as a car from the apocalyptic future. The year is 2020 and america was hit by an atomic bomb destroying the united states. 250 years men has turned whats l...

Drift Car

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Drift Car Drifting Car with skid marks.YAY! uparrowdownarrowleftarrowrightarrowmobile

BOA presents Alice in Wonderland – Caucus Race

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BOA presents Alice in Wonderland - Caucus Race Birmingham Ormiston Academy is presenting the musical show "Alice in Wonderland" this Winter, and to help promote the event, students on the games design pathwa...


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DUO-OR-DIE KEEP BOTH CARS ON THE ROAD TO STAY ALIVE! 1. Click the GO-CAR to start the game.2. Using you mouse click the Left or Right side of the screen to shift THAT CAR to the opposite lane.3. Avoid hitting the emer...

Ultimate Racer 2.0

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Ultimate Racer 2.0 Same as the first generation but this time with a longer track, and the cars are zoomed in while racing, and now when you press shift with the red car, it can drift. Shift to drift with red car.driv...

Endless Racer

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Endless Racer Move your car to dodge the obstacles, aquire points and boost your capacity! Be aware of the mines and the debris on the road! Beat the boss and reach the I scorePlay on mobile!I like feedbacksI did all ...

Super Dagestan Priora Racer

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Super Dagestan Priora Racer A game about an ordinary Dagestan guy who drives around at the prior, gathering shaurma, in order to feed himself Arrows - left, right, up and downAlso you will need mousemobile

Rooftop Bike Racer

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Rooftop Bike Racer An anti gravity bike flies and races in a shootout with other flying motorcycles. A modern flying motorbike equipped with anti gravity technology, races and engages in an aerial warfare with other f...

Race To The Finish

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Race To The Finish Race against your opponent in a 3-lap race as fast as you can! Player 1: (the red car) The W, A, S, D keys on your computer keyboard control the red car.The W key accelerates your car, the A key mak...

Western Hill Racing template

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Western Hill Racing template Complete game or tempplate for a hill climb racing model. ADS included (with Appodeal),- 4 full levels. - Unlock and choose a vehicle.- unlock and choose a level.- Save system included (we...

Fidget Spinner Hill Climb

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Fidget Spinner Hill Climb Drive a spinner, outrun falling objects, drive over cliffs, use jetpack to fly, cannon gun to shoot and more. Watch out for special bonus power up like jetpack booster that allows you to fly...

Flying Truck Racer

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Flying Truck Racer GAME PLAYA modern flying truck equipped with anti gravity technology, races and engages in an aerial warfare with other flying trucks. Enjoy explosive combats and shootouts high above the city roof...

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