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Tri Tower Solitaire: Classic

93 Played 0 Comments

Tri Tower Solitaire: Classic Enjoy a picturesque kingdom while you attempt to reach the top of all of the towers in this deck of cards. Can you match up all of them in order to get a big time bonus in this version of ...

Lost in Time

132 Played 0 Comments

Lost in Time Time is lost in this Mahjong Solitaire. Combine free tiles to remove tiles. Combine the time tiles as fast as possible.

Russian Solitaire

152 Played 0 Comments

Russian Solitaire Try to move all cards to the 4 foundations. On the tableau build in suit and descending.

Freecell Summer Holiday

108 Played 0 Comments

Freecell Summer Holiday Freecell on the beach. Move all cards to the foundation according to the classic freecell rules.

Baker’s Game

154 Played 0 Comments

Baker's Game Similar game as Freecell, but now build sequences on suit. So on the tableau you build suit descending and the goal is to move all cards to the four foundations on suit, ascending and starting with an Ace.

Chocolate Factory

133 Played 0 Comments

Chocolate Factory Try to remove all chocolates from the factory. Make groups of 3 or more of the same chocolates. Swipe to move a chocolate.

Apartment Match

163 Played 0 Comments

Apartment Match Stack appartments and create a stack of 3 of the same appartments to remove those.

Inca Pyramid Solitaire

101 Played 0 Comments

Inca Pyramid Solitaire Try to remove all cards. You can remove a card from the game that is 1 higher or 1 lower in value then the open card at the bottom.

Daily Mahjong

156 Played 0 Comments

Daily Mahjong Daily 3 different Mahjong games: Mahjong Solitaire, Mahjong Connect and Triple Mahjong

Jungle Collapse

165 Played 0 Comments

Jungle Collapse Click groups of the same animals to remove those animals. Collect as many animals as indicated to advance to the next level.

Vegas Poker

127 Played 0 Comments

Vegas Poker Play Texas Hold'em poker against 5 computer opponents. Try to win it all.

Easter Bubble

144 Played 0 Comments

Easter Bubble Bubble Shooter game for Easter.

Runes of Mystery

130 Played 0 Comments

Runes of Mystery Click on groups of 3 or more of the same items to remove those. Remove all grey backgrounds and/or drop down the coins and reach the indicated goal.

Chinese Solitaire

149 Played 0 Comments

Chinese Solitaire Move all cards to the foundations. Play cards on the tableau in alternating color. Any open card maybe moved. Click on the top right stack to deal the final 3 cards.

Eleven Eleven

143 Played 0 Comments

Eleven Eleven In this fun puzzle game, your task is to place the different shapes on the 11x11 grid and earn as many points as possible!

Elsa Jewels

143 Played 0 Comments

Elsa Jewels Combine at least 3 identical jewels to remove them from the field in this magical Match 3 game!

Jewels Mania

141 Played 0 Comments

Jewels Mania Match at least 3 hexagonal jewels in a line and try to beat all 50 levels in this challenging Match3 game!

Sailor Pop

162 Played 0 Comments

Sailor Pop In this cute underwater collapse game, your task is to match at least 2 fishes of the same color to free them. Can you complete the level goals and earn all stars?

Fruit Pulp

164 Played 0 Comments

Fruit Pulp Combine at least 4 fruits of the same type to remove them from the field in this fun matching game. Can you beat all levels with 3 stars?

FreeCell Solitaire Classic

117 Played 0 Comments

FreeCell Solitaire Classic Move all 52 cards to the four foundation spots to win in this challenging Solitaire version!

Jewelish Blitz

144 Played 0 Comments

Jewelish Blitz Be fast as lightning and make combinations of same-colored jewels! Can you earn a high score in this action-packed Match3 game?

Butterfly Match 3

152 Played 0 Comments

Butterfly Match 3 Match 3 game with Butterflies. Try to remove all colored (light blue) backgrounds by matching 3 or more of the same butterflies.

Connect Fish

148 Played 0 Comments

Connect Fish Mahjong Connect in the Ocean. Connect two of the same tiles to remove those tiles. The connecting line cannot have more than two 90 degree angles.


143 Played 0 Comments

Valentine Valentine game. Grab the tiles from the sides in pairs.

Discover Ancient Rome

115 Played 0 Comments

Discover Ancient Rome Discover Ancient Rome in 17 levels in this Mahjong and Difference game.

Neptune Solitaire

150 Played 0 Comments

Neptune Solitaire Try to remove all cards by combining cards of consecutive ranks. A 2 with a 3/A or a J with a Q/K or an A with a K/2.

Magic Solitaire: World-

98 Played 0 Comments

Magic Solitaire: World- You’ve never played a game of solitaire quite like this one. Join this brigade of bodacious bunnies as they take you on a magical adventure. Collect coins and boosters while they help you impro...

Pile of Tiles

139 Played 0 Comments

Pile of Tiles Combine 2 of the same (free) tiles to remove the tiles. Remove all tiles to advance to the next level.


139 Played 0 Comments

Balloonz Grow your balloons by matching 3 or more in a row. Drag a row or column to match the balloons. If you match 3 big balloons the surrounding balloons grow.

Merge 10

342 Played 0 Comments

Merge 10 Merge 10 is the most addictive number puzzle game for you! The player's task is to strategically tap the adjacent blocks with same number on the board, and they will pop up & merge into the next higher number...

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