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Shadow Run

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Shadow Run Get to the portal and make sure to dodge the polar bears. Use the keys to go forward, backwards, left, right and

Pepe Platformer

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Pepe Platformer Your a trouble frog that is trying to reach the portal. Once you've reached the portal you will be in a new 'land'. Use the Arrow Keys to control PepeThe arrow key is to jumpThe left and...

Frist Taste

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Frist Taste Save the turtle from all the monsters and cold water to try and it to the Gold. Try get to the gold. Theres two levels, use the arrow keys to jump and

turtle life

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turtle life Become a cute turtle and complete fun challenges( mario is involved) [left arrow] move left[right arrow] move right[up arrow] jumpmobile

Gabe the dog

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Gabe the dog Go around the house and the park with gabe the dog, using cool interactions! Click the buttons to go places and do interactionmobile

Infinite Blox

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Infinite Blox Get to the end, using your Laser Sword to block Bullets and defeat the enemy. Use the arrow keys to move and x to use


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Flip Complete all the levels with Flip the robot monkey and free the other monkeys Arrow keys to moveHold down arrow to get a boostSpace bar to shoot coconutsmobile

Fri Boi

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Fri Boi You play as Fri, the one potato fry left at the bottom of the fryer, trying to make his daring escape out of the diner. The humans have dropped many peas around the restaurant, your task is to save as many of ...

Scotland Churches Trust Game

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Scotland Churches Trust Game Edutainment game for kids to learn areas within a church. Used for Scotland Churches Trust. Point and Click, only need to use mouse clicks or touch

alien runner

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alien runner it is a platform game is has two levels and it is fun and amazing you need to kill the bees by jumping on them and don't touch the bees or they will kill you press the up arrow to go up the left arro...

Space Blob

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Space Blob This is a game about a blob alien guy who likes to jump on bees' head!Venture through exotic environments!Find the hidden easter egg! Right and Left arrow keys to move, Up arrow to jump, R to restart. ...

Get your milk back! – s.p

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Get your milk back! - s.p get your milk back from bad peoples! Arrow keys to move!You can double jump!mobile

Viktor Alles – Pilgrim

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Viktor Alles - Pilgrim make the highest scores fly the egg tap or click on the screen to avoid obstaclesmobile


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MANOLINHO-THE GAME Help Manolinho cross the challenges and reach the door.-Use the keyboard arrows to move Use the keyboard arrows to movemobile

Llama Drama

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Llama Drama Llama-based platform game. FUN UPARROW JumpLEFtARROW Go leftRIGHtARROW Go rightSPACEBAR ShootESCAPE Back to Menumobile

Hopeless simulator

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Hopeless simulator disknvhckhfdavcjldabg,vadv fynsvgoeisfj489oierlkj5iyoesgfjsbgdf7gdj,grafikjbgte7rbw4gtofdbgsdjbxshgoeiyht849yghiwtgoeil JUST PLAY THE DARN GAME GENIUS! U DON"T NEED INSTRUTION! JFgusfbgusigfbaj...


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4 Played 0 Comments

FLAPPY PLANE !!!!! A plane wants to go really far from the world but there is many obstacles..... find out what are they when you are playing it/This game was made by kids of 12 years old!!!! :) click on the left of ...

help the alien

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help the alien You have to jump the blocks with a alien and defeat the bat.Hope you like the game. The arrows are how you move. You kill the bat by jumping on it but be careful because the bat can also kill

Magic Witch

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Magic Witch Go from platform to platform, avoid obstacles, defeat enemies, jump on enemies to jump higher and further and get to the end to win the game. Movement: Left/Right ArrowsJump/Climb ladders quickly: Up Arrow...

Sushi Platformer

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Sushi Platformer Get the sushi back to the platter! Go through 10 different levels and avoid the cannon balls. Left arrow: Go backwardsRight arrow: Go forwardsSpacebar: Jumpmobile

The castle adventure

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The castle adventure You need to do tasks for the king and you do them by defeating enemies. At the end of the game you become king. Use the arrow keys to jump and move. You use the mouse or touchpad to use the gun in...

Super platformer – MagicMakers

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Super platformer - MagicMakers Un platformer fait par une fille ayant participé au stage Arcade :)Enjoy ! Les touches fléchées pour avancer et

uma aventura num planeta diferente

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uma aventura num planeta diferente É um jogo divertido e interessante que o jogador (player) tem que matar monstros para descobrir o planeta Seta para cima Saltar Seta para o lado esquerdo andar para o lado esqu...

Woosh The Game

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Woosh The Game Its is a strange game about a strange person in a strange place. It is strange. arrow keys to moveavoid the fireballsunicorn horn for power upmobile

Sydney the Pirate Parrot

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Sydney the Pirate Parrot Scoundrels are trying to kidnap the pirate parrot Sydney. Dodge their bombs to protect the avian buccaneer from a watery grave. Up Cut to port!Down Cut to starboard!mobile


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pudinhi colete todas as chaves e encontre o bau movement=Arrow keys jump on enemies kill themmobile


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MyEpicRpg This is my first time creating game and upload in Scirra arcade. Hope you enjoy! This is my first time creating game and upload in Scirra arcade. Hope you enjoy!mobile

Jank Man and Alien Buddy

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Jank Man and Alien Buddy Jank Man makes friends with Alien Buddy. What will happen next? Who will survive? Will the planet be saved? It all relies on you... I hope you like it. All art and sound is by me with addition...

Mr Maker Level Editor (Demo)

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Mr Maker Level Editor (Demo) Mr Maker is a platform game with a level editor, with various objects, items, powers. enemies and boss for you to create cool levels. Many levels ready to play, and also you can share and ...

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