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Capt Doe

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Capt Doe Side scrolling space shooter where you try and survive 100 waves of enemies and bosses in order to kill the Planet Devourer. At your disposal you have 5 different weapon systems with unique characteristics an...

call of gucci: gang offensive

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call of gucci: gang offensive kill the feik gusci to wein gucci geng just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head just do it lol 4head j...

Square Danger

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Square Danger This game is an action game. The goal is to avoid the red square and go at the end of the map. This game has been built on the app Construct 2.Ce jeu est un jeu d'action, le but du jeu est d’év...


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Zern MODE Jeu de reflex et d'action ! Le but est de franchir tous les obstacles afin d'arriver à la fin du niveau! Ce jeu a été créé à l'aide de l'application Construc...


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CC Jeu incroyable genial et tres original. Jouez y et prenez du plaisir a terminer ce jeu tres simpleCe jeu est creer par un platformer de genie pro de mario. flèches pour se déplacerz pour tirermobile

4 Played 0 Comments How high of a score can you get? But watch out, you can't crash into your own body or let the other snakes crash into your head. Hold down on the left mouse button to control your snake. Hold down on the...

Hand Aimer

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Hand Aimer Try to hit the aim with a ball, perform ricochets, gain score!Everything is made via physics.This game is very addicting and fun.You can purchase this game license here Tap or click LMB to let the ball fly....

Space Fight

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Space Fight Hi, My name is Arnab Ghorai. I'm an animation artist and love to play games and also creating games. This is my first creation, so please, play it and tell me, is it fun to play or not?I also make gam...

Vitor Esquiador

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Vitor Esquiador Esquie pela montanha radicalmente enquanto desvia de obstáculos como rochas e moitas coletando água para recuperar vida aperte a tecla espaço para pularpara navegar nos menus utilize o m...

platformer survival

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platformer survival get through awesome parkour levels to finish. Don't get shot and i'll apreciate feedback and ratings up arrow: jumpdouble click up arrow: double jumpright arrow: go rightleft arrow: go le...

Danger on the mountain (Release)

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Danger on the mountain (Release) Wanted to feel like a real climber? Then this game is For you! A constant struggle with the cold, storm, nasty creatures... The horror! Complete achievements to unlock special skills. ...


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X FIGHTERS Save the galaxy by defeating the enemy on each planet. Game for ICS3U. instructions on the game: use arrows to navigate each level, mouse to aim, and space to

Mobile/Pc Dodger

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Mobile/Pc Dodger dodge the blocks to up your score! its very fun so play it today tell your friends!!! pc: space bar to shoot forwardsmobile: double tap the screen to shoot forwardsmobile

Ninja Runner

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Ninja Runner click the walls to dodge the enemies and get a high score click the walls to go back and forthmobile

Happy Fists

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Happy Fists Léo se sente incapaz de cometer acertos com sua vida e seu emocional vai cada vez mais se deteriorando, desta forma ele cai dentro de sua própria mente e começa a lutar contra seus sentime...

Flip The Robot Meme

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Flip The Robot Meme Collect Pineapples and bananas. Shoot Knights and The Boss. But watch out, There is an enemy that can't be killed! Surprise at the end. Right Arrow Moves RightLeft Arrow Moves LeftUp Arrow Jum...

# 1 GUY

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# 1 GUY You have to get to linkmoon. ug7igtyvgviygvuouoiyuyguy yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu. iycvubuhufdbigsrtfhreafueytgfiuervuit4smobile


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KOMBAT The Ultimate Challenge! Get a buddy and fight to the death with gory X-Rays and Disturbing fatalities. The Instructions are included in-game, don't be that one idiotmobile

Super Shooter

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Super Shooter Defend yourself against the evil teacher's homework so you can enjoy your summer. Dodge and destroy the homework with due dates that pop up everywhere.... Are you up to the challenge? Use the arrow ...

Gender Stereotypes

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Gender Stereotypes Assign the people to their jobs, but not all of them will want the job you pick for them! Left Arrow Move LeftRight Arrow Move RightUp Arrow Jump/Double JumpDown Arrow Fall through platformmobile

Monster Chase

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Monster Chase as soon as this game starts, (strategy) go top left. you have to get a key at the bottom left corner and then go to the top without dying to win! arrows = movingGET OUT WHILE Y OU STILL CAN!!!mobile

Galaxy Destroyer

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Galaxy Destroyer Este é um jogo não oficial que refizemos. Nele você deve destruir os obstáculos e visitar o máximo de planetas possíveis. [touch] Go Nave[Mouse] Go Nave[Stop 3 seconds] R...

my super awesome game

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my super awesome game Don't kill humans only zombies. Kill all the zombies you see.Try and not kill any humans, it will lower your

Steven Universe Demo

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Steven Universe Demo You can play some of your favorote tunes from the show while playing as steven Arrow keys to move Z to throw shield X to fall slower C to summon a bubble shield or destroy a bubble shield...

Nest Lander Demo

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Nest Lander Demo Nest Lander - Eggward's adventures is a physics based pixel art arcade game. Help Eggward collect eggs and fly from nest to nest landing on each nest in this cute arcade game. This game is fairly...

ultra jo ken po

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ultra jo ken po uma patida de pedra papel e tesoura como da vida real use z para pedra x para tesoura e c para papelmobile

Star Defender

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Star Defender fillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfiller fillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillermobile

Pig Physics

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Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics P...

Jimbo”s Adventure

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Jimbo"s Adventure hdfsdfsdgsadgfdgsdgfsdgsdgsdfgsdgfsdgsdgdsgsgsg fdg sdfg dfg sdfg sfgreg fdgsg g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g h ggggg gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg...


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PacMan Collect the Orbs to rack up MASSIVE amounts of Points and win the gameRun away from ghosts, unless they are blue. Up Arrow Key= UpDown Arrow Key= DownLeft Arrow Key= LeftRight Arrow Key= Rightmobile

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